Mach8 IT Leasing Solutions

Support Services

We can take care of all your IT support requirements whether you choose to lease or
purchase you can still enjoy professional support from our technology specialists.

Engineering / Maintenance / Design / Support we deal with businesses of all shapes and sizes and can tailor our services to match your requirements, from multi-server multi-site solutions down to a single business computer every business deserves dependable support.  

Onsite Services:

• Server and Computer Installation
• Hardware Diagnostics
• Software Analysis
• Virus Investigation and Removal
• Data Transfer
• Repairs & Maintenance
• Network Configuration
• Data Recovery
• General Support

Remote Services:

• Software problems
• Software Patches
• Most Operating System Patches
• Installation of Software
• Monitoring of Backup logs
• Internet Protection Status
• Website/ Email Management
• Active System Health Monitoring
• Preventative monitoring

Remote Monitoring Service:

Monitor your Computers, Servers and Network 24 x 7, with advanced monitoring for potential software, hardware and virus threats issues can be responded to quicker and down time avoided helping ensure your business runs smoothly.


Design / Implementation:

Mach8 will design a customized solution to address your organization’s specific needs, growth and security requirements. We understand business and align your IT requirements with your business requirements helping you leverage the most from technology to assist you in your business success.

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