Mach8 IT Leasing Solutions

Company Profile

Mach8 Leasing was set up in 1997 as an IT leasing solution provider based in Auckland, New Zealand. From humble beginnings operating out of premises in Titirangi, the company has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of leased IT equipment in the Auckland region, as well as supplying equipment throughout the rest of New Zealand and Australia. 

Mach8 Leasing, like its founders, represents a collaboration between the IT and business environments. We understand that businesses need to stay up to date with technology to ensure they have a competitive advantage in their marketplace. With the increasing obsolescence of IT hardware and software as updated and more sophisticated equipment comes onto the market, the opportunity cost of ownership of this equipment is becoming uneconomical as businesses attempt to maintain poorly performing equipment to justify the outlay. Mach8 Leasing solves the ongoing issue of keeping up to date with technology, through innovative and flexible leasing models.

We believe in forming long term partnerships with our clients and judge our success based on these relationships.

Mach8 IT Leasing Solutions

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